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Import Consultancy
for international companies

OM Global Trade provides access to a large range of goods manufactured in Turkey. We have a large portfolio of manufacturers. We offer professional counselling in the field, supplier selection, contract negotiation, favorable shipping terms, customs clearance, warehousing, preparation and issuance of all necessary documents under Turkish and foreign trade regulations. 

To make sure that our operations go smooth, we follow strategic steps for each demand from abroad. As soon as receiving your demands, we reach out to all manufacturers of the specific product and gather price quotes. We evaluate the quotes and present the best quotation to you within 3 business days. According to your decision, we negotiate the contract terms. After these steps, you just wait for the delivery date while we inspect production and manage the shipping and customs processes.


Do you want to import metal products from Turkey and need advice ?

We assist importers to buy high-quality products in best price and protect them from having bad experiences of choosing random suppliers.

Export Consultancy
for Turkish companies

When you think about export growth, what are your challenges? Making sure your company is ready, market intelligence and finding relevant business partners are probably high on the list?

OM Global Trade specialises in helping Turkish manufacturers to profitably grow through expanding in international markets. We have a huge number of partners abroad who send us their buying requests.


Do you trust the quality of your products and need advice?

We assist manufacturers to develop their presence in the international market -whatever stage you are at in your business, whatever the level of support you need.

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