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Using the MAXXRACK movable storage frame enables you to use your valuable space extremely efficiently with no need for additional investment in storage space. When the MAXXRACK frame is not being used, it can easily be stacked, up to 10 pieces per pallet location, and can even be stored outside. Using galvanized steel reduces corrosion to a minimum and rubber caps are available for any sealing that may be required in the food industry. Each frame has its own identification number and comes with a CE mark. Because the frame is movable, it does not have to be tested every year.

The MAXXRACK type C + has an open front of 130 cm and a closed back of 120 cm. The free depth is 115 cm, and the free height is 235 cm.


Leasing may be cheaper than buying

For worry-free use of our MAXXRACKS storage system, we can actively support you with a financing solution. For this, we work together with ProfLease.

For large investments, ProfLease offers you a customized lease solution.
ProfLease is independent of banks. The advantage is that you are less dependent on your own bank.
Proflease can pre-finance down payments.
ProfLease also offers the flexibility to increase the number of MAXXRACKS during the lease agreement.

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